Mother Bluebird with Baby Birds in Nest

My latest creation, in my Etsy shop now!

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The Motherload

A United Kingdom blog for mothers called The Motherload used one of my Snooty Poodles for their article about people being snooty about school standards….if you’re a “mum” you should check out their site!

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Disney’s Orange Bird

I had a customer request a felted version of Disney’s Orange Bird, and I admit I had to Google it. Being a pretty avid fan of Disney’s world of animals, I was surprised that one had managed to escape my notice. But here was Orange Bird, a creation by Disney for the Florida Citrus Commission back in 1970. Since I was born in 1971 and am not nor have ever been a resident of Florida, I see why it escaped my attention.
orange_bird th-3 th

So as you can see, the head is actually a round orange and the wings are leaves. Below are the results of my felting….it has a wire armature in the body as well as the leaves.

orange-bird-disney disney-orange-bird disney-orange-bird-3 disney-orange-bird-2 disney-orange-bird-1

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Sale at my Etsy shop!


SALE! Many of my item listings are about to expire on Feb. 17th, so I’m marking them down! Also, items ordered THIS WEEK will come with a FREE Melanie’s Menagerie button featuring two lambs and a bluebird!


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Felted Deer

I’m really happy with the way this deer turned out! Just listed in my shop!


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Lambie Pie with Pink Bird Friend


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Poodle and Pooch Pair / Soft Sculpture / by MelaniesMenagerie

When I begin a new project, I start with a general idea, (like two dogs) and see where it leads. Their facial expressions and their character come out as I felt, and what happens along the way is sometimes a surprise to me! This pair came about just like that….a poodle and a pooch! Poodle has two green bows adorned with tiny red bells and a lovely diamond collar. Pooch has a collar made from vintage style silver tinsel. This is a one-of-a-kind creation, created by me with love. They are ready to ship and waiting to travel to their new loving home! This is a needle felted soft sculpture, felted from wool purchased in the USA. Because it is light as a feather you can display it just about anywhere you want. AND they wont break when you drop them. These doggies will last and last for years to come! AND theyre soft and fuzzy. 🙂 I dont charge additional shipping for extra items, so please make yourself at home in my Menagerie and acquaint yourself with my little critters. Youll find they are cheerful and very upbeat. Many of the animals I create are inspired by the vintage anthropomorphic figurines made by companies like Lefton, Napco and Enesco, to name a few. If you dont see a color or style you were hoping for, please drop me a convo and Ill be happy to create a custom order just for you. Thank You for stopping by

Source: Poodle and Pooch Pair / Soft Sculpture / by MelaniesMenagerie

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